A TLS measurement
on universities around the United States

This is our CSE 534: Fundamentals of Computer Networks (Spring 2017) project webpage
Instructor: Aruna Balasubramanian
You can access our github project from this link.
Group Members:

Goal of the project

The main goal of project is to measure several factors about HTTPS servers, including TLS version/Ciphersuites, OS version, supported Protocols (HTTP version), and certificates. The supported SSL/TLS version is important because of the fact that SSL3 is insecure. However, there still exist servers on the Internet which support SSL 3.0 which in turn makes them vulnerable. Furthermore, we want to figure out what ciphersuites these HTTPS servers support. Ciphersuites are a combination of authentication, encryption, message authentication code and, key exchange algorithms used in the TLS protocol. Some of the algorithms used in ciphersuites also have known weaknesses. We compare the HTTPS servers, their support of TLS, ciphersuites and certificates between several universities around the US.

We measured for below universities' servers

Number of Studied IP Addresses and Active Servers

University Name Number of IP Addresses Number of Active Servers
Purdue University 360704 79
Rice University 1062656 213
Stony Brook University (SBU) 141056 357
Stanford University 337920 1002
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) 328704 3261
University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) 132608 1048
Yale University 131328 982
University of Virginia (Virginia) 234752 1052
University of Oregon (Oregon) 164864 2384
University of Miami (Miami) 210176 3703
Duke University 133376 1628
University of Colorado Boulder (Colorado) 19968 97
University of California, Berkeley 203520 2141
University of Southern California (USC) 200960 2717
University of Utah 400128 3615
University of Washington (Washington) 308992 3684
The University of Texas at Austin (UTexas) 295424 1122
University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) 262656 4301

An Overview of Our Research